Icarus is a character in the The 78th Hunger Games, where he serves as a minor character. He was a tribute from District 1, joining the career alliance. He participated in the 78th Hunger Games, where he died on the first day to Doyle.

Old Wounds: The 78th Hunger GamesEdit

The Hunger GamesEdit

Training CenterEdit

In the Training Center, Icarus and his fellow tributes train and prepare for the Games. He tries to take a knife from Doyle, but gets tricked and clubbed by the tribute. After being called a "goddamn buzzard" by Doyle, Icarus promises to target Doyle first in the games. He is later noted by Tetsu to be under Magnus' control.

He ends up with a score of 9 and odds of 8-1.

Cornucopia BloodbathEdit

Like most of the other tributes, Icarus runs toward the cornucopia and fights for supplies. Instead of gaining supplies from the cornucopia, Icarus goes straight for Doyle, starting a long, grueling fistfight with the other tribute.


Although Icarus puts up a strong fight, he is still bested by Doyle, who locks Icarus in a chokehold, strangling him. He placed 21st of 24.


In Old Wounds: The 78th Hunger Games, Icarus is depicted as a tall, lean boy. He's light skinned, standing 6' 3" tall, and weighing 190 pounds. He has broad shoulders and toned arms, a lean torso with heavy muscle tone, skinny hips, and regular legs. His blonde hair is short and thick. He has a handsome, rugged face and his mean, narrow eyes are brown. His nose is small and he thin lips. He usually wears nice clothes. His particularly noticeable features are his rugged look and young features.


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  • He was the first career death, and the worst placing District 1 tribute since Raini Desdemona in the 76th Games.