The District 7 Male was the male tribute from District 7 in the 76th Hunger Games. A larger, more capable tribute, he was one of the more dangerous tributes not in the career alliance. He was the district partner to the District 7 Female.


The boy lived in District 7 prior to the 76th Hunger Games. It is not known what he did before the games. He was reaped into the games instead of volunteering.

The Hunger GamesEdit


The boy from 7 shows a ruthless nature in his interview, wishing to bury an axe into someone's head. 

Cornucopia BloodbathEdit

Like most of the other tributes, the boy runs toward the Cornucopia and fights for supplies. He targets and attacks Juniper after her fight with the District 11 Female.


The male attacks Juniper, who evades some of his attacks. He manages to block one of Juniper's strikes, before knocking her to the ground. Before he can finish her off though, Copper spears him from behind, ending the tribute's short run.

Overall, the boy placed 23rd out of 24 tributes.


The male is an ivory skinned man who stands at 5'10" tall and weighs 175 pounds. He has wide shoulders and strong arms, a narrow torso with defined muscles, and wide legs. His black hair is thick and curly, and is let loose. He has a narrow face, a rounded jaw with is clean shaven, puffy cheeks, and large ears. His eyebrows are fine, and his small, knowing eyes are brown. His nose is small and he has thin lips. His particularly noticeable features are his cleft chin and his distinctive hair.


Little is known about the boy, other than his want to kill another tribute.


  • He is 5'10" and weighs 175 pounds.
  • Her training score is 7, with an odds of winning of 18-1.
  • He survived only a few minutes in the The Hunger Games.

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