The District 5 Female was the female tribute from District 5 in the 76th Hunger Games. She was the district partner to the District 5 Male.


The girl lived in District 5 prior to the 76th Hunger Games. It is not known what she did before the games. She was reaped into the games instead of volunteering.

The Hunger GamesEdit

Cornucopia BloodbathEdit

Like most of the other tributes, the girl runs toward the Cornucopia and fights for supplies. Although she tries to grab something, the girl is confronted by the career girl Marina.


As she is running, the girl is eventually impaled through the back with a thrown trident.

Overall, the girl placed 22nd out of 24 tributes.


The girl has pale skin, stands at 4' 10" tall and weighs 96 pounds. She has narrow shoulders and weak arms, a slender torso and no breasts, bony hips, and short legs. Her brown hair is long and thick, and is unstyled. She has a lean face, a harshly shaped jaw, rosy cheeks, and large ears. Her eyebrows are angled, and her angular, knowing eyes are grey. Her nose is flat and she has very thin lips. She usually wears elaborate clothes. Her particularly noticeable features are her stainless white teeth, and her distinctive walk.


Little to nothing is known about the girl, as she's rarely mentioned throughout the games.


  • She is 4'10" and weighs 96 pounds, making her the smallest tribute in the games.
  • Her training score is 5, with an odds of winning of 33-1.
  • She survived only a few minutes in the The Hunger Games.

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