The District 3 Male is a character in the The 78th Hunger Games, where he serves as a minor character. He was a tribute from District 1, preferring to not join an alliance. He participated in the 78th Hunger Games, where he died on the first day to Lindell Brocklehurst.

Old Wounds: The 78th Hunger GamesEdit

The Hunger GamesEdit

Training CenterEdit

In the Training Center, District 3 Male and his fellow tributes train and prepare for the Games. He runs into Sayaka on purpose, antagonizing her because she's from District 11. He later gets in an argument with Rebekah, trying to force her to leave a training station. However, the anti-careers led by Sayaka back Rebekah up, forcing the boy to leave.

He ends up with a score of 6 and odds of 26-1.

Cornucopia BloodbathEdit

Like most of the other tributes, District 3 Male runs toward the cornucopia and fights for supplies. He waits for Sayaka to round the cornucopia corner, before stabbing her in the chest. He and Rebekah fight, but both run when the careers show.


As the anti-careers make their escape, they're forced to fight the careers, leaving the wounded Sayaka behind. The 3 male comes to finish Sayaka off, taunting her about the previous year's tribute. Before he can kill Sayaka, Lindell throws a knife, eliminating the 3 male. He placed 15th of 24.


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